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Deckline Leitao - Fitness Coach & Sports Conditioning Specialist

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MOHAMMAD AZHARUDDIN - Padma Shri and former cricket captain of India.


Deckline is one of the top fitness professionals that I have come across. I have found his knowledge, teaching style and application of Train Right philosophy in fitness training to be precise and highly effective. 

His educational qualifications, coaching experience and results speak for themselves. Having trained with him I would recommend him to anyone looking for a high quality strength and conditioning expert.

PRAKASH PADUKONE - Padma Shri and badminton legend


I have found Deckline’s fitness coaching approach to be very organised yet uncomplicated. This not only makes the exercises effective but also enjoyable and simple.  

The standard approach to building fitness in badminton players and other sportspersons was to always train very hard the whole time. But  Deckline made everyone understand that it is working smart in the gym by mixing tough, moderate and easy workout sessions with enough recovery which is the key to peak performance and to avoid unnecessary injuries. 

His attitude towards training our students and even in my own general fitness training has always been balanced and sensible. The exercise programmes were always specific to the sport and to the individual with  clear instructions and keen observation which is what makes him a top quality strength and conditioning coach.

ASHWINI PONNAPPA - Two time Olympian and Arjuna Awardee. Recorded to hit the hardest smash in the world in women's badminton


Working with Deckline for my strength and conditioning has been a breath of fresh air for me. I've learnt so much about my body in the last couple of years. Deckline's got great knowledge about doing what’s needed for me, for my body and my game, which is what I love.

It isn’t just about doing a workout which kills you to say you’ve worked out, instead it's about working out with a purpose in mind to Train Right. For me, that's been looking after my body and keeping me fit to play my sport by doing what’s enough.

Thanks to Deckline, I listen to my body quite a bit, I enjoy my workouts, and I’ve seen the difference in the way my body’s shaped up.
The best part about working with him for me would be his positive attitude and mindset and his ability to bring out the best in you. That for me, is what makes him one of the best.

PRADEEP KUMAR - Dronacharya and Indian National Swimming Coach


It’s my privilege to write a few line about Sri. Deckline Leitao, who is a very reputed trainer. 

I came to know about him through some of my swimmers who were training under him. Deckline also trained some of the most reputed sports persons in India. 

I had a few opportunities to interact with Deckline on strength training especially for swimmers. I was very impressed with his in-depth knowledge on the subject. 

I will surely recommend him to swimmers who are looking for a very organised and systematic strength and conditioning program. 

Dr. SUDHIR WARRIER M. S (Ortho), D. Orth - Consultant orthopaedic hand surgeon, Mumbai


The relatively recent spurt of interest in the treatment of sports related injuries in India brought with it a slew of new challenges. While we surgeons scrambled to upgrade knowledge and skills we found that there was a yawning and ever widening gap in the pace at which our rehab was supporting our athletes.

Deckline was introduced to me at that momentous time. Trained at some of the premier institutes across the globe under renowned experts and qualifying at the highest levels, he was instrumental in the success of our endeavours. Deckline brought us up to speed with the best available techniques and support in the world. 

Our athletes were beginning to shine at the International level. 

Injuries are an inseparable part of sport. Returning these injured athletes quickly, fully healed and ready to resume in their positions began to be a possibility with Deckline’s interventions. His expertise in strength and conditioning techniques was refreshing. He was able to sustain the athletes’ enthusiasm while protecting the healing tissues in the early phases of recovery. 

Gradual focussed loading and strengthening and final incorporation of the injured part would be followed by rigorous rehab. 

I was fortunate to personally witness his interaction with many world champion athletes in different phases of the above routine.

What impressed me most was the confidence the athletes had in his abilities. They seemed happy and willing to bide his relentless exhortations having experienced benefits from his constant observations and advise. 

He demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the nuances and demands of every varied sport and unfailingly matched the possibilities with the limitations at each phase of the recovery. They came to him from all across the country and uncomplainingly lived in Bengaluru for as long periods of time as it took for them to be restored to competition fitness. He endeared himself to the athletes, their coaches and their families and was eventually almost like family to them. 

He upgraded his techniques and knowledge from time to time. He maintains pinnacle fitness and leads by example. 

I am so honoured to write these few lines of introduction about Deckline Leitao. I am certain he needs none of these letters. His work is out there for all of us to easily admire.

BOXING - Sarita Devi. Boxing World Champion and Arjuna Awardee.

It was a wonderful experience for me working under your guidance in Bengaluru in early 2015, after t

It was a wonderful experience for me working under your guidance in Bengaluru after the 2014 Incheon Asian Games when I had an operation on my right wrist.

It was really beneficial in every sense, that I started gaining confidence and the overall good feeling was just awesome.

Thank you so much for your help and guidance. You were hugely responsible for bringing me back to the boxing ring again.

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