The Train Right Philosophy

Testimonials & Success Stories

BADMINTON - Vimal Kumar. Director - Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy, Olympian and former Indian National Coach


Deckline joined PPBA in 2010 as a performance enhancement specialist. Not exposed to badminton till then, he quickly picked up the specific strength and conditioning requirements of the game. He designed a program for our players, with great emphasis on progression, smart-training and specificity. 

He could very effectively improve the fitness of our trainees making them work on strength and conditioning, for far less time than they were used to. This kept them relatively injury free and fresh for their on-court sessions. 

His model has been replicated by many badminton coaches and trainers, over the last few years. His excellent communication skills were a huge plus in explaining technical aspects of fitness, nutrition, rest etc, to both players and coaches. 

He also did a superb job in handling elite Badminton players like Saina Nehwal and Ashwini Ponnappa, fine-tuning their fitness programs carefully, depending on their condition and requirements.

Dr. Chirag Thonse M.S. (Ortho), F.SICOT (Germany) Consultant orthopaedic and Sports Medicine surgeon


Deckline is amongst the premiere fitness trainers that we have in our country. 

I have had the opportunity to know Deckline for the last 5 years. During that time I have been really impressed with his work ethics and the focus he has towards his clients.

He has established himself as one of the most knowledgable and detail oriented coaches in the industry. His passion for continuing to improve as a coach in order to enhance the performance of his athletes/clients is unparalleled. 

I highly recommend Deckline for strength and conditioning for all of your training needs. 

ARCHERY - Deepika Kumari. Former World Number 1, Olympian and Padma Shree


Deckline Leitao is one of the top fitness experts that I have ever worked with. His way of teaching and explaining makes the workouts very simple and functional.   

When I worked with him I found that I was getting stronger even without unnecessarily exhausting myself in training. 

I only wish that I could have constant access to Train Right with him. Anyone training under him can only expect good results in fitness. 

BADMINTON - Anup Sridhar. Olympian, Arjuna Awardee, PBL Coach. Recorded world's hardest badminton smash


Deckline believes in long term physical fitness. Over the years, under different approaches strength and conditioning, I have gotten physically quite fit but inevitably got injured and had to rebuild from scratch several times. 

Deckline's approach, specially when recovering from injury is a holistic one which ensures more than anything else, a continuous upward moving graph of physical fitness. 

I have trained in the past for about 2 1/2 years under Deckline. Training with Deckline has helped me achieve my fitness goals without taking undue and unnecessary risks. Risks, that otherwise would get me injured, forcing me to start from zero once more. 

S & C is key to any physical sport, but even more so for badminton. With the hectic tournament schedule that players are faced with today, the player who is able to stay physically fit and strong through the season is the one who will be most consistent in delivering high level performances. Consistency inevitably comes down to physical fitness, in my opinion. 

Mostly, the mistakes that players make is to rush into training too soon when recovering from injury, and also trying too many things too soon, without adequate build up of endurance in the muscles. This results in injuries, unnecessary tiredness and soreness and you end up not achieving any of your set goals. 

Another big mistake made nowadays is not engaging or listening to the advise of a S & C expert. S and C, as any other field, is a highly specialised field and you need expert guidance in order to meet and exceed your fitness goals and more importantly, maintain your fitness. Deckline has taught me some very important lessons and among them is the lesson that sustained improvement in fitness is the most desirable outcome of physical training. There is no point in getting very fit at one point and being injured the next. Constantly being in the injury-recovery zone is the single most damaging thing to many of our athletes currently. 

Deckline is himself very fit and strong and is able to advise me appropriately at all times as he is able to use his long years of experience to help me out of tough situations. I would rate Deckline as the best S & C expert and fitness trainer I have ever trained with. I have had the opportunity to train with several other trainers too, and while many of them have helped me out a lot, Deckline stands out as being the most knowledgeable and experienced trainer I have ever trained under. He is also very intelligent and knows just how much and when to push trainees, making him even more effective. 

I would absolutely recommend Deckline to anyone looking to improve their physical fitness and to maintain it at the highest level. I would recommend that they approach him and follow everything he says. He is the expert and the more the student listens to him, the better it is for the student. 

SWIMMING - Srihari Nataraj. National Champion and India's fastest men's Backstroke record holder


Swimming is a sport which requires us to use most of the major muscles and joints in the body and strength and conditioning plays a significant role by ensuring we're strong yet light while swimming. We need to strengthen each muscle and joint based on the techniques of the specific stroke, which in turn helps us swim faster.

Strength and conditioning when it comes to swimming aren't only about building strength; it's also about balance, stability, flexibility and speed. Therefore strength and conditioning play a significant role in competitive swimming.
The most common mistakes athletes do is that sometimes they don't Train Right to get stronger, but they train to post on Facebook or Instagram or just to get ripped. Many of them do exercise with bad techniques which will later lead to an injury, and most don't approach a strength and conditioning specialist, instead go to a gym and train like regular people, but athletes require unique workouts based on their specific sports.

Deckline's approach to strength and conditioning is based on the person's specific needs, and he works on getting the best out of what we have and keeping us injury free while building strength or speed.  He also analyses every workout of ours and designs a program which will bring out the best of our performance during the race, and he also allows us to express our thoughts on the program and takes our points into it and designs it accordingly.

I've been training under Deckline for the past 5-6 years, and it has helped me be strong and fast whenever I needed to and be injury free, and it's also fun to train under him, and he keeps coming with the workouts and targets that keep me challenged.
Deckline is fun and helpful to train with, and he's always motivating us and helping us with not only the fitness but also with our confidence and our sport and our daily life. He's also highly enthusiastic about sports, so when he works with us, he's always in a good mood, and he has a very positive energy and atmosphere.

I would rate him 11/10, I've enjoyed every single day of training, and my performance has always improved, and I'm always finding new ways to get stronger thanks to Deckline.
I would recommend strength and conditioning training with him to others as I don't think we have anyone like him who understands the athletes so well and knows how to get us stronger and faster or better.

TABLE TENNIS - Archana Kamath. Women's National Champion


Fitness is an integral part of professional table tennis as in any other sport. And I feel that strength and conditioning form the base for that fitness. To be able to hit powerful topspins, smashes and also to be able to get into an excellent position to play those shots strength and conditioning to Train Right is very important .

Deckline sir's approach to S&C is very different from many other experts as his method is very scientific. When one is training under him, every small niggle is considered, and then, he will decide whether or not it is serious and then base the training upon that.  

First and foremost, training under him has given me a lot of confidence. I feel I am becoming stronger and stronger and very powerful when I play topspins  
I think the most common mistake sportspersons make in their approach to S&C is that they are not scientific most of the times. One thing I have learnt from Deckline Sir is that there is no need for extravagance in overdoing fitness training. I have learnt that training is not meant to be painful is done to make one strong and remain injury-free..  

He is an extremely instinctive and confident coach (of course, this comes from knowledge and years of experience) and at the same time, he is very calm...This has had a very profound influence on me...
Also, I feel like every athlete training under him is made to feel very important, like he/she is the boss... On a scale of 1-10, I rate him 11...I consider myself very lucky to have Deckline Sir as my physical as well as mental strength and conditioning coach.

SHOT PUTT Champion - Inderjeet Singh


Deckline Leitao is not just a great fitness trainer and strength and conditioning coach but a wonderful human being and friend as well. He has this unique ability to formulate training plan specific to your sport which results into attainment of your goal. 

He is one of the best in the business and I feel privileged to work and Train Right with him. 

GOLF - Anisha Padukone. Professional Golfer


Golf is extremely deceptive. Most people perceive it as a retired person sport. However, on the contrary, it requires a great combination of strength and stamina. Strength to be able to twist the body in a rotational plane and hit the ball far, and stamina to be able to walk continuously for 5 hours. An average round of 18 holes is approximately 8-10 kilometres.

Since childhood, I have been on the leaner, lanky side but have always been very athletic. When I met Deckline, I had to put on about 8 kilos of muscle mass over a period of time. Eventually, after a year of hard work, we achieved this goal, and I was considered amongst the fittest and strongest women golfers on the amateur tour.

Deckline’s biggest strength is his knowledge and understanding of strength and conditioning. He is well qualified and is continuously developing his expertise. He puts this knowledge to good use through sessions. He utilises a cautious approach ensuring extreme focus on posture while performing exercises. This provides the highest quality and minimum injury to an athlete, which is of utmost importance. He is also open to regularly changing the routine so that a student does not get bored due to repetition.

I am much more aware of my posture even during the golf swing and while walking a long distance on the course. Having worked on not only large muscle groups, but even the smaller muscles have ensured that the little niggles an athlete faces have also reduced.

Most athletes over-work themselves to the point that by the time competition arrives; they are too exhausted to perform to full potential. Largely the trainers are at fault in these cases as lack of knowledge limits their efficiency.

Sport specific training is crucial to good performances. Every sport requires specific training regimes, and it is important the athlete and trainer put together a plan in consultation with the technical/on-field coach to iron out the limitations.

Deckline is very knowledgable in his field and is willing to share his wealth of knowledge with the student/athlete. He will never make you perform an exercise without you understanding the need and importance of doing so. He is open to questions and patiently answers all. His passion for the job is evident in the way he speaks about it.

It is truly an honour to have learnt from him over the years, and I am fortunate to have benefitted from working with him.

SWIMMING - Maana Patel. National Champion and India's fastest women's Backstroke record holder


I was training under Deckline sir from 2013-2017 before I shifted base to Bombay. He is the most genuine, knowledgeable and experienced strength and conditioning coach I have ever worked with. His judgement is just perfect, and he knows what exactly his student needs to Train Right and enhance their performance. I was at my peak performance when I was training under him.

And most importantly, he is a very good human being. He’s not only helped me professionally as an athlete but also took care of me in my ups and downs. Always played the role of a psychologist along with a S & C coach. He is someone who I can always lean on. 

SWIMMING - Saloni Dalal. National Champion and India's fastest women's Breaststroke record holder


I have been training with Deckline for over 3 years now. I feel his approach is very different and one that has worked quite well for me.

He knows body anatomy really well. He listens intently to athletes and their requirements. He figures out quickly what works and what doesn't and creates customized programs for each person. 

Deckline uses innovative techniques to make workouts fun. He explains the purpose of each exercise and how it affects me. That has not only motivated me but also helped me to  Train Right.

He focusses on consistent and gradual buildup. He never unnecessarily pushes beyond athletes' limits. I attribute much of my fitness to his conditioning programs.

MOTORSPORTS - Akhil Rabindra. Racing Driver and only one selected from Asia for 2019 Aston Martin Drivers Academy


Deckline is a very knowledgeable fitness trainer who trains athletes for strength and conditioning across various disciplines and also at different levels of competition. 

Deckline has a very good working relationship with each athlete. He creates a different bond with each of his athletes and gets to know them better. 

He always makes sure that the athlete is getting fitter for her/his particular sport and not have a standard exercise for all. 

It's been a pleasure for me to Train Right with him as my personal trainer, I have learnt a lot about fitness from him and he is a great friend today.

PISTOL SHOOTER - P N Prakash. Olympian and Arjuna Awardee


It was the preparation time for Rio Olympic Games, and I was suffering from an issue that my muscles would take a long time to relax after any workout, and as I was supported by OGQ, I was introduced to a person who was always with a smile.

I needed someone who was very good at physical training and Deckline it was.
He is full of energy and a good motivator. His dedication is very professional as he literally had to go on baby steps with me, and he did it without agitation. His knowledge about strength and conditioning and the ideas to get it executed is exceptionally brilliant. I am glad to meet this wonderful person and fitness trainer Mr Deckline.

Injury success stories



I met Deckline when I was suffering with severe pain in my lower back and had a shoulder injury. At that time to imagine that I would ever play again was impossible. I just wanted to live a pain free life. Deckline’s approach to strength and conditioning is very different from any kind of training I have received before. I was a nationally ranked tennis player, but I quit playing tennis due to injuries. 

The injuries prevented me from regular workouts due to which I had put on a lot of weight. We initially started off working with my problem areas, working on strengthening it, correcting my posture, etc. 

Deckline also made me realize the value of a simple but effective workout. Being a tennis player since the age of 5, I have trained under many fitness coaches who complicate workout sessions, I have struggled with coaches not being able to correct postures, and overdoing workouts. 

I have even seen colleagues getting injured due to wrong guidance like over loading, doing a lot of fancy workouts, etc. With Deckline I realised that the right technique, the right posture and a simple workout is enough. 

Fitness is the key to any sport. After being a tennis player and now a tennis coach I realize that the only way to be injury free and have a long healthy career is to be lucky enough to find a good strength and conditioning coach like Deckline. With him, I am certain that the workout is very specific for each student and the sport they play. It’s not a one size fits all generalized workout program. 

Due to this, results are seen on court, during matches as the workout is very specific to the performance needed on court. 

Professional sports folks and athletes are lucky to have a strength and conditioning coach like Deckline in town, who can ensure that they have an injury free & healthy career and Train Right.

LOWER BACK PAIN. Sant Sharma, Senior corporate officer


Seven months back, I had severe back pain and had to be rushed to the hospital. The MRI revealed a ligament tear in the lower back. The cause was weakening of muscles due to extended sitting hours.

Fortunately, I got away from the surgery but got the wakeup call. I then decided to find a long term solution to be fit and more productive. I approached Deckline who agreed to help me out. Since then, under his assistant coach, I have strengthened my whole body, including the lower back. As a result, my stamina and energy levels have gone up, which has enhanced my productive life.

Earlier, over two decades, I had been regularly exercising in the gym to maintain a high energy level to meet the demand of my high profile job. I had trained under many trainers with various type of hard workouts. It was a cycle of then visiting a physio to relieve the muscle cramps and pain sustained from training, and then change the trainer.

However, Deckline’s approach was quite different. He diagnosed my body type and problem accurately. Accordingly, he designed the exercises targeting specific weak muscles. The activities started without weights, and he kept on changing the practices with gradual increased load based on increasing muscles strength, stamina and energy level. Today, I do the workout with relatively heavy loads thrice a week pain-free which I never imagined. This newfound fitness with feel-good factor every day inspires me to continue with him to Train Right.

I have found Deckline to be professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He personally designs the workout type and teaches the correct form. His trainer is also beneficial, supportive and courteous. I strongly recommend Deckline to anyone who like me at 50 plus is looking for a solid workout to stay fit and energetic.

COMPLETE ACL TEAR. Akansha Kohli - Cricketer


Deckline Sir’s approach is very different and at the same time very effective from general training. Since I am a cricketer there is a lot of power lifting and set program for a batswoman and a bowler. I have had many opportunities to train with the best trainers in this field but the main reason Deckline’s training worked for me and many other sportspersons is because he believes in sticking to the basics and gives you a program which makes you feel good at the end of the day and you are not dead or tired. 

Initially I never did any running being a fast bowler but that did not effect my game at all as the approach he had towards my game was to get me more stronger and faster and this is something that I never experienced in my entire career. 

When I started training with him, I was already having a hamstring injury being a fast bowler. In my 5 years of training with Deckline sir, I have never missed my season because of an injury, even once! 

I had a career threatening injury in January 2018 when I had a complete ACL tear while fielding in a match. With his help I was ready in 4 months to play a tournament and did not opt for a surgery. I have never felt this strong and fit in many years and have had the best season this year, though I was playing with a complete ACL tear on my right knee. 

Today, I do not have a back issue, nor a bad hamstring like before and my knee feels great and strong like never before. Its true what everyone says about him that he is the best trainer for great performances and for injury management.  

Over the years, fitness in cricket has become an integral part of the game than before because the game has evolved a lot and has become more aggressive and competitive. Power hitting has become the new trend because of T20 cricket. Everyone is playing this sport nowadays but only fitness is something that will set you apart from great talent and the rest. It gives you an edge mentally and prolongs your career by a few more years. 

The most common mistake people make in fitness is focus on the results than the process. Therefore, in order to achieve the results, they mess up with the process and end up with an injury. As long as fitness helps you in your game and you feel stronger than before, that is all that should matter. 

It is okay if you do not have six pack abs, or a ripped body. Cricket is going to give you a career not a model's body. Following the basics is the main motto and not to workout for social media or to impress people with your videos. I come from a sport which is known to do all these gimmicks and it only gets you addicted to posting stuff on social media than concentrate on your own workouts. 

Another main blunder people do is to follow a workout which looks cool on social media but it may not suit your body type or sport. Many people fall prey to such things. 

One thing Deckline sir keeps telling me and that is stuck with me for life is that ’never doubt the hardwork you have done before a season, always think this is the best you could do and you have done.’ This has helped me in staying positive and backing my self belief. 

Initially, he seems to be very quiet and sober and speaks to the point about training but as and when you start training with him and getting to know him better, he is one amazing guy who loves his food and lives life to the fullest. No matter how many students he trains, he will go out and travel for work as well as for leisure but makes sure he is on calls and messages with us and guiding us throughout as to what is to be done. His energy is great as it is more fun to workout when he is around than in his absence as he is so knowledgeable about what he does and if you talk to him about what you want and expect, he is always ready to help and take that extra effort in giving you a program and explaining every exercise in detail. I can reveal a lot of things about him, but one should have their own experiences and figure. 

I think he is one of the best fitness trainers I have come across not just because his training has helped me in my career but also because he is a great human being who takes the best care of his students and a lot of fun to be with. He is one of a kind trainer who makes you also knowledgeable about your training and what benefits does each exercise have on your body. 

He has not only helped me in my training but he has been a great mentor for me and guided me mentally as well when I go for my tournaments. He has been a great support to me overall and I am deeply very thankful to him. If one has to start fitness training, he is the best man for the job as your basics would just be perfect and that’s the most important thing.

Absolutely without a doubt I would recommend him to everyone who needs his assistance. I have seen wonders in my body and learnt so much over the years by training with him. For any sportsperson he is a big asset who you can count on blindly.

Multiple Ankle Fracture. Ghanshyam Prabhu - National level Inline Skater


My skating improved a lot after joining S & C under Deckline sir. He helped me develop physically as well as mentally. I used my power and strength in the right place and  right time to represent my state at the nationals for the first time. I was in form at the right time, and because of my physical fitness in the right direction, and the guidance and plan which he gave me, helped me be injury free and in proper form for the nationals.

I fell down in one of the other national level competitions and suffered multiple fractures in my ankle during the race and had to undergo immediate surgery. I was barely able to walk after the surgery. The doctor told me I would not be able to skate for three months. 

But after my surgery, I rested for two months and went to the physio for a week's or so  rehabilitation till the point I was able to walk. Then returned to the gym with Deckline sir to Train Right. He helped me along every step and planned my schedule. I could skate in 3 weeks after rehab.

I had an open national championship coming up in just one month. Deckline sir had panned my work out sequentially. This approach helped me win the Nationals after four months from my injury; my doctor was surprised!

Deckline sir had a significant role in my winning.
All skaters should understand that S & C has a significant role in inline skating; it helps you improve your push and become dominant. The overall body condition should be ready for that particular day.

I give Deckline sir ten on ten for his approach to S & C and believe in his workouts as it has delivered results.
I have improved significantly after the injury, I have given my personal best time after the injury and represented India in the World Open championship.

I can recommend anyone to join his S & C to improve in your sport. His schedules are orderly and functional for athletes to move in the right direction.
I thank him for being a part of my life now as he helps me in my sport and has played a significant role in my improvement.